Cerro Gordo supervisors approve second reading of ordinance establishing new precincts, appointment to Compensation Board

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors today approved the second reading of an ordinance establishing new election precincts for the county.

It’s part of the every 10 years process after the census has been completed. The county is reducing the number of precincts from 26 to 23, with the changes happening to Grimes Township, Falls Township, and a restructuring of the Mason, Portland and Dougherty townships.

Once the supervisors approve the final reading of the reprecincting process at their meeting in two weeks, the state’s Legislative Services Agency will then start the process of figuring out the three supervisor districts. 


=== The supervisors also approved the appointment of Jodi Draper as the county attorney’s representative to the Compensation Board.

The board meets annually to set the compensation for the county’s elected officials. The seven-member board consists of two members appointed by the supervisors with one member representing each of the other elected officials.

That board will meet on Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the courthouse to make their Fiscal Year 2023 recommendations to the supervisors to consider as part of their setting the budget.

The supervisors are not allowed by law to approve anything higher than the board’s recommendation, but they can freeze or cut their own pay. The supervisors for the last five fiscal years have frozen their own pay while accepting the Compensation Board’s other recommendations.