Cerro Gordo supervisor District 3 recount to take place Wednesday afternoon
Recount of ballots in Cerro Gordo Board of Supervisors District 1 race on November 16, 2022

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors this morning approved the re-canvass of the 2022 general election to include the results of last week’s recount of the Supervisors District 1 race.

Republican incumbent Chris Watts gained two votes from the recount and defeated Democratic challenger Amanda Ragan by a 2919-to-2904 vote. Those two votes were both cast in Mason City Ward 3 Precinct 3 and were originally scanned as “undervotes” by the machine, meaning it did not detect any of the ovals filled in for that race.


Two more recounts from this month’s election are slated to take place.


== The Supervisors District 3 recount will take place tomorrow afternoon as Republican Don O’Connor trails Democrat Lori Meacham Ginapp by three votes.


== The other recount is in the House District 59 race. Incumbent Sharon Steckamn won that race by a 739 vote margin over Doug Campbell, but Campbell requested a recount. Both candidates have selected a representative to sit on a three-member panel that will administer the recount, but the parties have not agreed on a third mutually-agreed on neutral member.

If there is not an agreement by the end of business tomorrow, District Chief Judge James Drew will have to appoint that third member with an order on Thanksgiving Day.