Cerro Gordo County website to move to “cerrogordo.gov” in future

MASON CITY — Cerro Gordo County will be starting the transition to a new website and new domain address in the near future.

The county’s IT director Ken Bahls says the change from “cgcounty.org” to “cerrogordo.gov” aligns with federal recommendations as well as the county auditor’s website having already transitioned to the “dot-gov” domain.   “Basically the federal government is encouraging government agencies to go to this domain. It’s considered more secure…there’s some debate on that…but it’s preferred nomenclature. Your auditor is already on the ‘dot-gov’. He’s required to be on a ‘dot-gov’ domain by the Secretary of State, so this would be for the rest of the county as well.”

Bahls says it will take some time to fully transition the county over to the “cerrogordo.gov” address.  “We’ll gradually over a probably several years move to the ‘dot-gov” domain for both our website and email, because of letterhead and emails and so forth, a lot of business cards. It’s going to probably be a lengthy process, but this is the first step.”

The supervisors at their January 8th meeting approved signing a website development proposal with Neapolitan Labs for $30,000.