Cerro Gordo County Supervisors approve first reading of establishing new precincts

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors today approved the first consideration of an ordinance establishing new election precincts for the county. It’s part of the every 10 years process after the census has been completed.

County Auditor Adam Wedmore says the biggest change to the rural precincts of the county is combining a couple with there   being three fewer polling locations. “There are currently 26 precincts, the new proposed plan would take it to 23 precincts. Those changes would to Grimes Township, Falls Township, and then a restructuring of Mason, Portland and Dougherty.”

Wedmore says once the supervisors approve the final reading of the reprecincting ordinance, the state will then start the process of figuring out the three supervisor districts.  “Once that ordinance has been adopted, we would then send those precincts down to the state Legislative Services Agency, who actually draw the supervisor districts.”

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