Cerro Gordo County supervisors approve bridge design contracts

MASON CITY — After tabling a proposal earlier this year on an infrastructure design contract to address up to six bridge projects in Cerro Gordo County, the Board of Supervisors this week approved three separate contracts for bridge designs.

County Engineer Brandon Billings says two of those bridges will be designed while another will be looked at for potential improvements.   “The railroad bridge that goes into Nora Springs. Another is up in the northwest corner of the county on B-20 that we need to work on getting to. Those are the two we are having designed. Then there’s a bridge going into Lehigh that is load rated that affects them hauling stuff in and out sometimes, so we are looking at the feasibility of either improving that bridge’s structure or whatever we can do to eliminate that load rating on it.”

WHKS will do the feasibility study on the Lehigh bridge for a cost of $5500, Veenstra and Kimm will do the design of the Nora Springs area bridge for $76,900, while SEH will design the B-20 bridge for $52,200. Billings says it will be good to work with all three companies on those projects.  “The good thing about working with all three consultants is that we have a good relationship with WHKS, and we’re well aware of the quality work they put out, but I think it’s a good opportunity to see what other local firms can produce for us. I think it’s a good compromise in the end and we got good prices for the designs.”

Billings says two of the other bridge projects looked at will be looked at by a newly-hired employee as part of a training exercise.

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