Cerro Gordo city election previews — council at-large seat only contested race in Mason City, see list of other city races in the county

MASON CITY — Voters head to the polls tomorrow for city government and school board elections, and there’s only one race that is contested for the City Council in Mason City as incumbent at-large councilman Tom Thoma is being challenged by Troy Levenhagen.

Thoma is finishing his first term on the council and says he’s enjoyed the last four years.   “Every time someone asks me about it, I say it’s just been really neat, I’ve learned so much and I’m ready to do it again. We have some unfinished business and some great things happen. I’d like to do it four more years and keep the city going on a really positive track and keep watching the growth and enjoying the growth for sure.”

Thoma says he wants to be re-elected to help accomplish the goals that have been set by the council.  “I’ve got the experience, I’m ready to do four more years and get in there and find the things that need doing. With the staff we have and the good council we have, I think we’re able to do them, and we’re ready to do them, I can tell you that. Every year we have this list of goals and we’re going to keep doing them.”

Levenhagen has served on the city’s Park Board for the last six years and is currently the board’s chairman. He says he wants to continue his service to the community now as a councilman.  “I just want to keep continuing serving the people. A lot of ideas I come up with aren’t Troy Levenhagen’s ideas, they’re actually the citizens. I sit there and I listen to them, and if they come up with good stuff, I take it. Some stuff ain’t  good, but if they got good stuff, I take it.”

Levenhagen says his love for the community equals his passion for wanting to serve Mason City.  “The school system, the college, the water, the amenities. Everyone in America would be coming to Mason City. The cheap housing, we think it’s high priced here, but go to California, go to Chicago or Minneapolis. That’s why the people should get me in there on council, just because of the love of my town, and I’ll work hard for them.”

The rest of the races on the ballot in Mason City are uncontested with Mayor Bill Schickel, Second Ward councilman Will Symonds and Fourth Ward councilman John Jaszewski all running for re-election. On the city’s Park Board, three candidates are on the ballot for three positions with Anne Hansen, Mike Doc Adams, and Melissa Fabian. 


Looking at the other city elections in Cerro Gordo County:


=== All three positions for Clear Lake city government are uncontested with Mayor Nelson Crabb, at-large councilman Dana Brant and Second Ward councilman Bennett Smith all running for another term. 


=== In the community of Dougherty, Lynn Nagel is the only candidate running for mayor while the two at-large council spots are uncontested with Nicolette Nagel and Amy Noss on the ballot. 


=== In Meservey, residents are being asked to vote on a 27-cent tax levy to support the community’s public library. Incumbent Richard Miller is the only candidate on the ballot for mayor, while Cyneva Zoe Myers and Michael Gobeli are the only two on the ballot for the two at-large council seats. 


=== In Plymouth, incumbent Cecil Kuhlers is the only candidate on the ballot for mayor, but there are six people running for three at-large positions on the city council. Only one incumbent is running, Craig Howard, who is joined on the ballot by Beth McDonough, Allan Rye, Sarah Innis, Wade Eastman and Chad Flurher. 


=== In Rock Falls, current councilman Tim Dodd is the only candidate on the ballot for mayor, while there are only two candidates, incumbents Scott Ennis and Mark Brosz, on the ballot for the three spots up for election to the city council. 


=== In Rockwell, current councilman Larry Wentz is the only candidate on the ballot running for mayor. Nine candidates are on the ballot for the three available city council positions. Incumbent Randy Meyer is joined by eight other challengers: Blake Pommrehn, Jeremy Poole, Tracy Jo Worley, Patrick Hurley, Dylan Williams, Chelsey Morrison, Richard Whitney Junior, and Abbie Emhoff. 


=== In Swaledale, Geno Stowe is the lone candidate for mayor, but the two city council races on the ballot will have to be write-ins. No one filed for the two full-term spots or the one term that’s open due to vacancy. 


=== There’s no contested races on the ballot in Thornton, with incumbent mayor Mike Jensen and incumbent councilmen Roger Engebretson and Randy Bohman running for another term.


=== In Ventura, the only contested race on the ballot is for city council. Incumbent Pete Cash is joined on the ballot by Brad Peterson and John Horrigan in a three-man race for two open positions. Mayor Joe Schmit is uncontested in his run for another term, while current councilman Michael Thackery is the lone person on the ballot to fill a vacant term on the council. 


You can see a list of all the polling places in Cerro Gordo County by clicking here, or head to the top of this website where you can find a polling place search tool at the top of the page.