Casey’s focuses on employee turnover in tight labor market

ANKENY — Businesses have had to do some adjusting with increased costs and the continued tight labor market.

The CEO of the Ankeny-based Casey’s convenience stores Darren Rebellez says they decided to focus on employee turnover. “What we’ve done is we’ve found some ways through a number of different tactics of just making the job of running our stores a little simpler,” he says, “and at the same time focus on some things that employees were telling us that they want to see.”

Rebellez said during his recent quarterly report, that focus has led to the highest employmee engagement scores they’ve ever had as a company. “So what that’s done is it’s reduced our turnover. And so we’ve seen sequential improvement in turnover every single month this year. And as a result of that, our overtime hours are down and our training hours are down,” Rebellez said. So our overtime in the second quarter was down about 22 percent. And our training hours are down 25 percent.”

He said that allowed then to avoid cutting back store hours due to a lack of staff. “We were able to maintain the hours of operating the store and just operating it more effectively. And at the same time pull out what I call those non-productive hours that we were spending on on overtime and on incremental training because we were turning over people so much,” he said.

Rebellez made his comments during the recent investor update.