Casey DeSantis says she’s decided not to sit on the sidelines

DES MOINES — The wife of GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is stepping up her solo appearances in Iowa as the Caucuses draw closer.

In May, Governor DeSantis invited his wife to join him on stage during his first campaign speech here. As she approached the microphone to speak and the crowd cheered, he said: “Let ‘er rip.” A few weeks ago it was Casey DeSantis who introduced Governor Kim Reynolds at the rally where Reynolds delivered her public endorsement of the Florida governor.

During an interview with Radio Iowa, Casey DeSantis laughed when asked if she had a role in securing that endorsement for her husband.  “She is an exquisite governor. She is a fighter. She is somebody who stands up for what is right and she is very much like the governor,” Casey DeSantis says. “…She understands what it’s like to be able to put yourself in the line of fire.”

DeSantis says as first lady of Florida, she decided not to sit on the sidelines.  “I could have been taking the easy path where sometimes when you’re not out putting yourself in the arena, you’re not going to get hit,” DeSantis said, “but I saw it as an opportunity not necessarily about me, but about the position as first lady, to be able to do good on behalf of the people of Florida and hopefully of the country.”

Governor DeSantis says he and his wife shrug off criticism from the left. And Casey DeSantis says the associate of former President Trump who recently made a crude comment about her is part of the campaign noise that should be ignored.  “When you’re standing up for what you know in your heart is right, you’re going to get attacked. People are going to come after you…You just have to stand strong and you know the truth and remember: ‘Mission first.’ And that is saving this country.”

Casey DeSantis is an Ohio native who graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in economics. She’s a former TV anchor and reporter and currently the mother of three children under the age of seven.