Boehnke ends eight-year run on Clear Lake City Council

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s Third Ward councilman Jim Boehnke participated in his final council meeting earlier this week. The two-term councilman announced earlier this year he was not running for re-election due to business proposals that he was encountering.

Mayor Nelson Crabb commended Boehnke for his service to the city and to the residents of the Third Ward.  “I believe he knew the people of his ward very, very well. Not only does that happen because Jim is a lifetime member/citizen of Clear Lake, born and raised here, but it’s also how he worked with those people, and knowing the places where they had a business, or they had their own home. He knew those folks, and knew them well. If something needed to be done for them, he would contact our city administrator or other council people to assure that their needs were met.”

Crabb thanked Boehnke for his contributions to the community as a councilman. “Jim, you were in my opinion, and I think many others, you were a very effective council person during these eight years. You served your community, and especially your ward, very well, and as a council we thank you Jim.”

Boehnke says he appreciated the teamwork in making city government run efficiently.  “The one thing that I really noticed being on the council is that it is truly a team. It’s not just this team, but the community as a whole. Every single employee that works within the city’s employment, they play a very important part, all the way up to the department heads.”

Boehnke says he was asked often about how city government works.   “What I’ve learned, it’s a process. Every single thing that happens, by the time it gets to this table, it has been a very well thought out, very well planned out process, and the process doesn’t fail. It works, and that’s because of everybody’s involvement in it.”

Boehnke says he will miss his time serving on the city council.  “I have other endeavors that I have to do. I have certainly enjoyed working with all of you, and I thank you for your support, your help when I needed it, and I know that this community will continue to thrive and it will do very, very well.”

Boehnke will not be able to attend the council’s final meeting of the year on December 16th. Former councilman Gary Hugi ran unopposed for Boehnke’s seat in November.