Belmond man accused in Mason City robbery, stabbing receives deferred judgment, probation

MASON CITY — It’s a deferred judgment and probation for a Belmond man charged with robbery and willful injury after a stabbing incident last April in Mason City.

18-year-old Jaden Edel, 17-year-old Dominic Fogarty, and 17-year-old David Gordon were charged after two victims were held down, stabbed multiple times, and had property taken on April 1st in the 200 block of 15th Northeast.  All three originally pleaded not guilty to first-degree robbery, a Class B felony and willful injury causing serious injury, a Class C felony. 

Edel entered into a plea agreement in late August, pleading guilty to two counts of willful injury causing bodily injury, a Class D felony. He was sentenced this week by Judge Adam Sauer to five years probation as part of a deferred judgment and fined a civil penalty total of $2050, which was suspended. He was also ordered to pay over $4500 in restitution.

Fogarty as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors pleaded guilty to two Class D felony counts of willful injury causing bodily injury and was sentenced in December to five years probation.

Gordon was scheduled to be tried on January 25th, but had tentatively reached a plea change agreement with prosecutors in early January. Court documents show that Gordon pulled out of the plea deal on February 1st and is scheduled to be tried on March 15th.