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Auditor’s investigation concludes state worker inflated husband’s pay and benefits by $61,610

CHEROKEE — A special investigation by the State Auditor’s office has found a former state employee manipulated timesheets to boost her husband’s pay by tens of thousands of dollars.

Renae Rapp was an administrative assistant who managed payroll and staff scheduling at the state unit in Cherokee where sexually violent predators are committed once their prison terms have expired. Her husband, Adam Rapp, was working as a Psychiatric Security Specialist at the unit.

According to a report from the State Auditor’s office, Rapp used her husband’s electronic key fob for checking in and out of work and also made manual adjustments to inflate the hours listed on his timesheets. The special investigation identified $61,610 in excess pay and benefits for Rapp’s husband.

Renae Rapp resigned from her job in February after supervisors confronted her about her husband’s timesheets. Her husband was fired.

Copies of the state auditor’s report have been forwarded to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Cherokee County Attorney, and the Iowa Attorney General.

Here is the full report: Cherokee CCUSO Report

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