Another snowstorm looms, but next week may bring above-normal temps

MASON CITY — Another winter storm is headed for Iowa but forecasters say it shouldn’t bring anywhere near as much snow as the two monster storms of last week.

A Winter Weather Advisory is posted for most of Iowa from this afternoon through Friday morning. National Weather Service meteorologist Brad Small says this latest blast won’t drop the heavy, wet snow that caused so much consternation for Iowans in last week’s first winter wallop.

“It’ll be the light fluffy variety, probably amounting to about one-to-three inches before it’s done by late evening,” Small says. “The bad news is though, that will be followed by sharply increasing winds, not to the extent we saw with the previous blizzard, but still sufficient to cause some blowing and drifting snow and low visibilities tonight and into early Friday morning.”

Small says it’s about to get really cold, again, though we just have to get through the weekend.

“We’re going to see lows well below zero, even in the teens below zero, depending on the part of the state you’re in, Friday night and Saturday night,” Small says. “It doesn’t look too long-lasting though. We should rebound next week for a period of above-normal temperatures. As a matter of fact, for starting the next work week, Monday morning, much of the state will probably be at freezing or just above.”

Small says temperatures in the 30s next week will likely mean an end to the snow, at least temporarily, though it’s something of a trade-off.

“Just barely enough for a cold, miserable rain, nothing extreme, but it’ll be a soggy mess next week with melting snow and a little bit of rain on top of it,” Small says. “No travel impacts probably, but kind of a mess when we go the other direction after this snow and cold.”

Parts of Iowa saw more than 25 inches of snow combined in last week’s two storms.