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Annual tax holiday for clothing, shoes is Friday & Saturday

DES MOINES — You can save some money while shopping this Friday and Saturday during the annual tax-free holiday.

Iowa Department of Revenue spokesman, John Fuller, says it was started to help parents shopping for back-to-school items, and is very popular. “In general, the holiday runs for two days, Friday and Saturday, August 6th and 7th this year,” he says. “No state sales tax and no local option sales tax will be collected on clothing and shoes under a hundred dollars.”

He says the savings can add up. “We have an estimate that Iowans saved about four-point-six million dollars in sales tax last year during the two-day event,” according to Fuller. Fuller says you can find out more information on what can and cannot be accepted during the two-day period at the Iowa Department of Revenue website.

“Go to There is a picture on our website of a bunch of shopping bags and they can click the link and get a lot more information on what would be tax-exempt and what would not, and there is a whole bunch of lists of different items and what qualifies,” Fuller says.

The tax-free weekend starts at 12:01 a.m. Friday, August 6th and runs until 11:59 a.m. on Saturday, August 7th.

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