Airport funding approved for facilities across the state

DES MOINES — The Iowa Transportation Commission recently approved $7 million for the 2022 State Aviation Program.

DOT aviation program manager Shane Wright says $4 million is for safety initiatives and planning, and the rest of the money is for infrastructure improvement. “Our commercial service airports, those eight… have the most infrastructure, some of the largest airports in the state. And then general aviation covers a real wide range…they are a little bit smaller than the commercial service airports —  from the Ankeny’s to Sibley and everything in between,” Wright says.

The airport funding is a mix of federal money and also taxes and fees paid at the airports.  Those fees dropped along with traffic during the pandemic — but he says things have turned around. “We are headed back, headed back the other way. We’re not quite back to the 2019 levels, but we are definitely doing better than we were last year,” according to Wright.

Wright says the state’s airports are in good shape. “Overall we have a very strong air transportation system in Iowa. Our airports generally do a very good job of maintaining their systems. There’s certainly a lot of need out there, just maintaining pavement, replacing pavement, you know runways, taxiways, aprons,” he says. 

Wright says they had more requests for funds this year than they could fulfill. 

Among the projects includes $121,493 for the Mason City Municipal Airport for an equipment storage facility improvement project.

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