Ag group wants mandatory use of biofuels at all Iowa pumps

DES MOINES — The head of Iowa’s largest agricultural organization is urging state lawmakers to reconsider a measure which would -mandate- the use of renewable fuels in Iowa that are produced in-state.

Iowa Farm Bureau president Brent Johnson says the Iowa Biofuels Standard was narrowly defeated in the legislature in 2021. ¬†Johnson says, “To implement a biofuel-ethanol standard within Iowa is certainly something that we supported last year to make sure that Iowa’s fuel sources do contain Iowa-grown products, both on the gasoline side as well as the biodiesel side.”

He says the organization has some work to do to rebuild consumer support and to get the legislative backing needed for the mandate to pass. Johnson is also urging the E-P-A to uphold the Renewable Fuels Standard RVO or Renewable Volume Obligation levels, after reports the Biden administration may drop the proposed blending levels below 15-billion gallons. ¬†“That’s been eroded over the last few years,” Johnson says. “We need to make sure that we hold that together so that our producers understand that the market is there and solid and willing to move forward.”

Johnson says the Farm Bureau supports Governor Kim Reynolds’ move, asking the E-P-A to provide a waiver to sell E-15 year-round in Iowa.

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