Clear Lake council approves starting process of establishing urban revitalization plan for Emerald Edge subdivision

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s City Council last night approved starting the process of establishing an urban revitalization plan for the Emerald Edge subdivision.

City Administrator Scott Flory says with the anticipated development of both the Emerald Place Townhome Project and the Emerald Edge Apartment Project, an urban revitalization plan has been prepared. He says the city has been working with PlanScape Partners on a very detailed and lengthy legal and administrative process, which requires the City Council to approve a resolution of necessity and set a date for a public hearing.

Under the terms of the proposed plan, qualifying developments would be eligible to receive a full or partial abatement from property taxes following council approval.  “Those projects of course, the developer, the applicant makes an application to the city, then those applications by the clerk are forwarded on to the council for your review, and then following the council’s review of those applications, they are forwarded on to the county assessor to determine ultimately whether or not they qualify for the abatement or not.”

The council last night unanimously approved scheduling a public hearing for their February 5th meeting on the resolution of necessity. The council at that meeting would consider the first reading of an ordinance approving the designation of the district, with the second and third readings taking place at the council’s February 19th and March 4th meetings.