Staff bathroom video at Clear Lake school being investigated, charges pending

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake police say they are continuing their investigation into a possible invasion of privacy in the Clear Lake Community School District.

Police Chief Pete Roth says in a news release that school officials last month became aware of the possible invasions of privacy in one of their schools and contacted the police department to investigate.

The report alleged that a school employee placed a small video recording device in a staff restroom. The person is no longer employed with the school district.

Roth says investigators were able to recover video evidence recorded over four years ago that showed brief footage of a staff restroom in one school, and only showed four school employees, who have been contacted. There was no evidence of any student being recorded or involved.

Roth says his department worked closey with the school, other law enforcement agencies and the county attorney’s office. Roth says the recordings appear to be an isolated incident and all involved parties have been identified. He says the case remains active and charges are pending.

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