Railroad: Amount of oil spilled in NW Iowa derailment was less than estimated

Drone view of train derailment

DOON — Last month’s oil spill from a string of derailed tanker cars in northwest Iowa may not have been as bad as first thought.

Clean-up is still underway near Doon where flooding evidently led to the derailment of 32 tanker cars on June 22nd. Officials with B-N-S-F Railway now say it appears ten cars leaked oil for a total of 160-thousand gallons. The original estimate was 14 cars and 230-thousand gallons.

The railroad says testing of nearby private wells and the Rock Valley city wells finds -no- contamination of drinking water. Most of the oil coated a corn field and the topsoil, which B-N-S-F is working to replace, though the process may take well into fall.



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