50th Anniversary Of Charles City Tornado — Part 2 Of Week-Long Award Winning Series

(Both segments of our replay of the series can be found in this story)

On this 50th anniversary of the F5 tornadoes that hit Charles City and Oelwein, we continue our look back this week at our award-winning series first presented to you 10 years ago about the severe storms that killed 13 people in Charles City and injured 450. In today’s edition, we bring you comments from a man who has been known as one of the nation’s top investigative reporters, but 50 years ago he was on Main Street in Charles City experiencing the storm.



Once again we are replaying our award-winning series of reports first presented to 10 years ago about the Charles City and Oelwein tornadoes that struck 50 years ago today in those two communities. Later today, the Floyd County Historical Museum will unveil their new exhibit about the tornado that struck Charles City as well as hold a special program starting at 4:30 to remember the victims of the storm. In tomorrow’s segment of the series, we’ll hear from Dean Borg, a Forest City native who at the time was working for WMT-TV in Cedar Rapids and reported on the aftermath of the storm. Tomorrow’s segment comes an hour earlier because of the Midday Report starting at 11:06 here on KGLO with Twins baseball starting at 11:30.



Part 1 of the series that aired on Monday:


CHARLES CITY — 50 years ago tomorrow, one of the state’s worst severe weather events took place, with F-5 tornadoes ripping through Charles City and Oelwein. In Charles City, 13 people died, 450 were injured, with the tornado causing $30 million damage. Five more people were killed and 34 injured in the Oelwein tornado.

10 years ago,  KGLO News presented an award-winning series of stories looking back at the tornadoes, and we thought with the 50th anniversary of the event being this week, we’d dust off the series and let you listen to some of the voices that experienced the tornadoes and their aftermath.

Today, we hear from someone who still calls Charles City their hometown. Click on the audio player below to listen back.

Once again this report was from our award-winning series of reports that we first presented to you ten years ago looking back at the May 15th 1968 tornadoes that struck Charles City and Oelwein.

We’ll have this series in this final segment of the Midday Report all week on KGLO, and you can find other information from our series by heading to kglonews.com as well.



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